Never! – February 9, 2019

Exodus 29.1-30.10; Matthew 26.14-46; Psalm 31.19-24; Proverbs 8.14-26

Where do you fit in the story of Jesus’ disciples promising to never deny him? Are you Peter, front and center, making braggadocios claims of his allegiance? Or are you sort of like the extras of a movie, listed only with some description such as “2nd Person on the Street” or as Matthew puts it: “all the others vowed the same?” What does it take to be both front and center … and to actually refuse to deny Jesus as Lord?


The sacrifices of the Old Testament were not a pretty picture–literally–and also seem so foreign to our faith today. What sort of understanding do you get about God when you read through this passage from Exodus?

When you hear the words of Peter (often times, not just this story!), you just want to say: Bless your heart. Why was Peter so good at quickly speaking up but not so good at following through? In what ways are you the same way?

Would you consider yourself “strong and courageous?” How does putting your faith in God help you be more that way?

If wisdom’s gifts are more precious than gold, do we seek them out? And if we do, once we get those gifts, how do we “spend” them?

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