On Your Behalf – February 8, 2019

Exodus 28.1-43; Matthew 25.31-26.13; Psalm 31.9-18; Proverbs 8.12-13

I love the picture we see of Aaron, in full priestly dress, with the names of the 12 tribes placed in several different locations on his garment. Whenever Aaron stood before God he did so with tangible reminders that THESE are the people for whom you minister. Who doesn’t love knowing that a leader somewhere acts on your behalf, speaking in your name to the powers that be?


We are not without representation before God. The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus is our high priest, standing on our behalf before the Father. Why is it comforting to you to know that someone represents you, speaking your name before God?

In what ways do we get so caught up making sure we care for others in the “right way” (which of course tends to be our way) that we miss the opportunities to care for someone in the first place.

How willing are you to put your future in someone else’s hands? In God’s hands? Why is this so difficult for us to do at times?

Do we hate evil or do we just assume that’s the way the world is so don’t get too worked up about it? How can we become more concerned about the evil that is in our world?

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