Read with Us in 2019!

During 2019, we are encouraging everyone to read through the entire Bible. To help us organize our readings, we will be using The One Year® Bible’s text plan as our guide. You can find this guide in a couple of places.

We will keep the reading schedules updated here, as well as make available printed copies of the schedule in both Foyers of the South Plains Church of Christ building.

We will also be adding devotional thoughts and questions throughout the year on this page, so you will want to come back often to read those.

If you would like, you can find the reading schedule on The One Year® Bible Online website (

You may also purchase one of the Bibles (which are laid out according to the reading schedule) at both Lifeway and Mardel, or you can find it online through Amazon (find it here) or Tyndale Publishing (find it here). (The first edition of this Bible was written in the New Living Translation (NLT) so we will be using this translation, but you can also find copies in the NIV and NKJV. Tyndale also has different editions you may want to check out, including a One Year® Bible for children.)

One other easy way to follow along with our readings is to sign up for a reading plan using the YouVersion Bible App. You can either go online to (link) or you can download the Bible app from your App Store. (It is available in both iOS and Android. Look up “YouVersion Bible App” or simply “Bible.”)

Sign up for an account and then at the top of the page (web site) or along the bottom (phone or tablet) click on “Plans.” Search for “The One Year Bible” and then click “Start Plan.” One of the nice things about using the phone or tablet is that you can set up notifications to remind you each day to read your passage.

Another advantage of signing up for a YouVersion account is that you can connect with other friends through the app and help encourage each other to remember to read or discuss the passages you did read. This would be great exercise for a small group to do together!

Missed the first of the year starting time? No problem. You can do one of two things. Either start reading the first readings the day you decide to start (In the YouVersion App, it will automatically adjust and make the day you start your “Day 1.”) or you can simply pick up with the readings at whatever date you choose to start. While reading through the entire Bible is a great thing to do, reading the Bible todayis even better!

So, grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet place, and start reading! Thanks for joining us in these readings.

By the way, we’d love to hear how things are going for you! Drop us a comment below or email us.


**One Year® is a registered trademark of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.