30 Days of Thanksgiving – Week 2

picture-week1november 62 corinthians 9.6-15sunday
Why does generosity evoke thanksgiving in others?

Think of someone who has been generous to you. Show them—and God—thanksgiving today.

november 7ephesians 5.8-20monday
Why is it natural to see thanksgiving as closely related to psalms, hymns, and songs?

In what ways have you made the most of the opportunities you have today to let your thanksgiving be a light to others?

november 8isaiah 51.1-16tuesday
If you were translating Isaiah for a contemporary audience, what are some comparisons you could list here that communicate going from waste to beauty?

How can you use God’s working in your “ruins” and “deserts” to create joy and thanksgiving in your life and the life of others?

november 9psalm 18wednesday
In what ways should the thankfulness of Christians be even more impactful than that of those who do not follow God?

How does your thankfulness serve as a witness to those around you?

november 101 corinthians 10.14-22thursday
Why would Jesus call the cup offered at the Lord’s Supper the “cup of thanksgiving?”

How can you make your reaction to a negative situation one of thanksgiving, rather than fear?

november 11romans 1.18-23friday
Why would a lack of thanksgiving darken your heart?

Can you know God and not be thankful? If not, then be thankful today.

november 12luke 17.11-19saturday
How does God—his healing or his offer of salvation—cause you to do things you would never have thought you would have done?

Completely surprise someone today: thank them for something when they least expect it.

november 13psalm 107sunday
What is the story of your redemption?

How often do you share this story with others, sharing your thankfulness for the enduring love of the Lord? Why not share it with someone today

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