30 Days of Thanksgiving – Week 1

november 1psalm 100tuesday picture-week1
What picture comes to mind when you think of entering the Lord’s gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise?

List the ways you have seen the goodness of God today or this past week?

november 2colossians 2.6-15wednesday
What is the difference between thankfulness and thankfulness that overflows?

What is one way you can live more in Christ Jesus today as you show your thankfulness?

november 3john 6.1-15thursday
Why do you think Jesus took the time to give thanks for this meal he was about to serve this crowd?

What are ways you can be sure to be thankful for the food you have?

november 41 peter 2.4-10friday
Describe a time when you were chosen for some-thing special. How did it make you feel?

Show someone your thankfulness and praises to God for being chosen as a child of His.

november 5ephesians 4.29-5.7saturday
Why does Paul contrast “obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking” with thanksgiving?

Pick someone and show him or her your thankfulness for him or her today.

november 62 corinthians 9.6-15sunday
Why does generosity evoke thanksgiving in others?

Think of someone who has been generous to you. Show them—and God—thanksgiving today.

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