Vacation – June 5

Text: Psalm 8 (Read it here.)20160605

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! (Psalm 8.1, NIV)

Lord, How Majestic is Your Name
Author: Jim Brewer

Perhaps there is no better time than on a summer vacation to get out into nature somewhere. It may be in the mountains, in the desert, or simply in your back yard, but stop and spend a little time gazing at the night sky.

Anytime we consider the universe it reveals God’s glory! And when we stop to think with such a perspective it also reveals just how much of a speck of dust we are. Yet scripture says that we fill the mind of the majestic Creator. What begins with awe moves to astonishment.

Why should God care about us so? And the answer is because he has made us in his image and given us this special planet he created to be his stewards. And caring for all that it is and for all that he has filled it with, including doing justice for the human beings stamped with his image brings God glory.  The majestic God who has the name above all names poured himself out for us. How can we not but respond by exhibiting the same behavior as the one whose image we have?


As you think about vacations you have taken, what location or locations have you visited that would you describe as “majestic?” What sort of qualifications would you say needs to exist for something to be counted as “majestic?” (Like, have you ever been to a scenic overlook only to think: “Wow, that’s all there is?” What was it that made these things NOT majestic?)

When you think about God being majestic and the one who “set [his] glory in the heavens,” what sort of qualities do assume God to have? How does this majesty compare to not only to your vacation sites, but also individuals you know whom you might think highly of?

The writer of Psalm 8 says that the praise of children establishes a stronghold against the enemies, that is, the recognition of God and praise of him overcomes the power of the enemy. How has praising God allowed you to see the power of the enemies for what it is: lacking in comparison to the power of God?

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