Proverbs Wrap-up

freely-10133Yesterday marked the conclusion of our Proverbs-a-Day reflection throughout the summer. I hope you found these writings an encouragement as you participated in your own 1 Home Bible Study. I am grateful for those who volunteered to write these reflections, some of whom did multiple days. You will find a full list of the people below—please take a moment to thank them when you have a chance.

We are taking a short break from posts, but will begin a new series on September 13 over Luke-Acts. Included with this series will be weekly reflections as well as lessons for you to use as you study through these books with us. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to be in prayer and study with us during this series.

Jana Anderson
Luke Anderson
Rob Anderson
Bob Bailey
Ralph Beistle
Jim Brewer
Lisa Brewer
Bobby Clark
Gary Evans
James German
Matthew Killough
Jesse Long
JoAnn Long
Keino McWhinney
Lyn Meter
James Osborne
TJ Randers
Laci Richardson
Raymond Richardson
Sarah Roberson
Trent Roberson
Troy Sell
Randy Sheets
Carter Shuman
April Stephenson
Charles Stephenson
Bob Terhune
Charlotte Wheeler
Daniel Wheeler
Dennis Wisdom
Randy Wiseman

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