Proverbs 27 – August 27

Image courtesy of Raymond Richardson

Image courtesy of Raymond Richardson

Proverbs 27
Author: Raymond Richardson

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27.17)

I had the privilege of serving as a board member and the Director of the Spirit Ranch. The Spirit Ranch is a team building, leadership, and spiritual training facility. The “motto” of this organization is “Iron Sharpens Iron”, from the biblical text of Proverbs 27. This is one of the greatest verses that speaks directly to me. It is not my nature to gravitate to other men to seek advice, council, and wisdom. It is probably not in most men’s DNA to do that. We are problem solvers and can figure out life without reading the instruction manual. It is then our tendency to fail and once we fail we for sure are not going to ask another man for wise council. I say all of these things from a man’s perspective, but I am sure women share a similar feeling.

I look around our church at South Plains, and I am thankful for men of all ages who are humble and willing to share life with me as a friend, brother, and mentor. We need community to grow in our walk with Christ. As I reflect on the physics of iron sharpening iron, I realize that it is a hard process that takes strength, it causes sparks to fly, and it is labor intensive. Sharing the ups and downs of life with a brother in Christ is hard. It too takes strength, time, and shrapnel could fly. But that is how we make each of us better as disciples for the kingdom. I encourage you, and I hope you will encourage me, to talk about the hard things and do away with the shallow “hellos” in the hallways. We need each other because iron sharpens iron.

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