Proverbs 6 – August 6

CC Image courtesy of Simon Cunningham on Flickr.

CC Image courtesy of Simon Cunningham on Flickr.

Proverbs 6
Author: Lisa Brewer

Between us on the table lay a long sheet of paper covered in the tiniest print I’d ever seen. The words on it included many legal terms I really didn’t understand such as undersigned, lender, and principal sum. Jim and I were young marrieds buying our first car and unsure about all the steps we had to take to accomplish that goal. Fortunately, the man behind the desk was patient, giving answers to all of our many questions.

Proverbs 6 brings to mind the many times we’ve had to deal with the loan process during our years together. However, in verses 1-5, we see it from a different angle. A father is warning his son about the folly of loaning money to friends and strangers. Wisdom tells us doing so is a snare that can take us to ruin. It is almost certain the money never will be repaid. Instead, Wisdom leads us to see that giving a gift to someone is much better than getting caught up in the problems loaning the money can create.

Within this chapter, Wisdom warns us of a number of things that can be our undoing if we do not pay attention.  As you read, my hope is that you see the positive side of each of these things that can truly enrich your life.

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