Proverbs 8 – July 8

0708 - paintingProverbs 8
Author: Rob Anderson

Does not wisdom call out? (Pr. 8.1)

Have you ever watched someone who was incredibly good at his or her craft? Perhaps it is an artist, painting a picture you can barely imagine, much less put down on canvas. Or someone who is computer literate (a geek, we might call them), making the machine perform the tasks it was designed to do.

They make it seem so easy, but when you begin to try and emulate them, you discover the task is much more difficult than you thought. At times, it seems too distant or too hard to ever be able to gain enough knowledge to paint, or program, or any other task.

Wisdom is not that way. You do not have to search long and hard to find it—she calls out from highest place to ensure you hear her plea. She wants to be found; she wants everyone to know her.

Next time you begin to think about following God, do not let the excuse of not being sure how to follow him stand in your way. Wisdom calls out saying otherwise.

One thought on “Proverbs 8 – July 8

  1. Nicely said with great imagery!! Thanks for the message and all you do for South Plains!! –Bobby Clark

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