Proverbs 7 – July 7

CC Image courtesy of Jim Larrison on Flickr.

CC Image courtesy of Jim Larrison on Flickr.

Proverbs 7
Author: Trent Roberson

It looks so enticing. It’s out there lurking and never far away. While the context of the Proverb is promiscuity and sexuality, the teaching transcends and provides wisdom on how we approach and avoid moral pitfalls.

Read the words of Proverbs 7.

This proverb has similarities to the foundational wisdom provided in the Shema (Deuteronomy 6), which includes the keeping and binding of commands along with the writing of them. While having an awareness of God’s commands should be enough, it helps to be prepared for the enemy’s game plans.

Imagine for a moment how much different a football game would look if the home team already new their opponent’s game plan.: what plays they would run on 1st down, which receiver they planned to throw to on certain plays, and which defensive sets they were using against the offense. The game would drastically change. Your preparation for the game and your approach during the game would be more focused.

The father’s wisdom is a description of the enemy’s game plan to the son. He carefully describes how the prowling woman works, how she attracts her prey, and how she devours it. What seems so enticing in the moment smells of a trap from a distance.

While the Proverb is in the context of a sexual encounter, we realize that it could just as easy be replaced with any sin that we might struggle with. The enemy is strategic. He has a plan. He uses enticing, attractive, and shiny bait to lure us into his trap. The enemy is always preying upon our weaknesses and searching for ways to devour us. The enemy’s craftiness challenges us to be people who practice self-discipline and self-control in order to thwart his attacks.

How can we prepare ourselves with wisdom to be able to spot the enemy’s traps from a distance?

How do we develop the strength to act upon this wisdom?

How can we coach those younger than us to act upon this wisdom?

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