Proverbs 6 – June 6

CC Image courtesy of Tim Haynes on Flickr.

CC Image courtesy of Tim Haynes on Flickr.

Proverbs 6
Author: Carter Shuman

Warning against folly:

In verses 1-9 we are reminded of a barometer we can use to measure wisdom. What we are doing with our physical resources reveals where our wisdom comes from. This barometer especially measures accurately when we look at finances and time. The Sluggard, who is the nemesis of the wise, squanders away his time and is left in poverty. He doesn’t take his cue from the ant who is a hard worker without a manager watching over him. Wisdom is shown in a person who works hard with no one watching.

Warning against Adultery:

Steering clear of temptation takes wisdom and loyalty to God. Adultery is widely compared throughout scripture to idolatry. Marriage only has room for two people. Our allegiance to our spouses is paramount to the success of our marriages. Those who would tempt us to stray from the bond of marital fidelity should be ignored. In the same way, there are many different gods in our culture that are smooth talking and woo us into their “beds.” Our hearts are temples that have a place for one God. He is too big to share space in our hearts with something else: Be it money, sex, success, or self-centeredness, God does not share the altar of your heart, and He deserves your sole allegiance.

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