Proverbs 3 – June 3

CC Image courtesy of philippe leroyer of Flickr.

CC Image courtesy of philippe leroyer of Flickr.

Proverbs 3
Author: Lyn Meter

What is a worldview? A worldview is how we make sense of life and the world around us. Proverbs 3 guides the reader into a godly worldview as a father would instruct and guide a son in the proper way to view life and the world around him—through the lens of godly wisdom.

The father reminds the son, “Don’t forget…” the things I’ve taught you. He provides practical advice for his son like, “tie love and faithfulness around your neck”, and “write them on your heart.” By doing this, no one can ever take away the wisdom he has learned.

Proverbs 3 also lists at least a dozen positive attributes about wisdom. This list of attributes, however, is not the only goal of this rich chapter. Embracing wisdom enables a person to avoid many of the obstacles and difficulties that foolish people encounter. This is the ultimate goal of a loving father; not just to make rules for his son to live by, but to see that the son that he loves, “walks securely” as he goes through life, “does not stumble” on life’s uncertain path, “lies down without fear” wherever he may be, and “sleeps with the sweetness of peace” that can only come from a loving God who views each and every one of us as His own child.  That is the worldview of Proverbs 3.

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