Proverbs 2 – June 2

CC Image courtesy of Tom Garnett on Flickr.

CC Image courtesy of Tom Garnett on Flickr.

Proverbs 2
Author: Rob Anderson

As the writer of the book of Proverbs continues his encouragement for his son to gain wisdom, we learn that his search for wisdom results in an understanding of what it means to fear the Lord. If he will accept the father’s words, turn his ear to wisdom, call for insight and cry out for understanding, and seek wisdom like one would search out a hidden and valuable treasure, he will gain what he needs for a good life. Wisdom saves him from the folly of wicked men and the adulterous, wayward woman.

The same is true for us. People try many different ways to obtain success and have a life others can only dream about. Regardless of what they find, true blessings happen only through our dedication to wisdom that comes from God. Accept his words and store up his commands.

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